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With the Herbalife opportunity, you can receive ongoing support through Company-sponsored training events. These include Success Training Seminars (STS), Herbalife Opportunity Meetings (HOM), Leadership Development Weekends and the annual international “Extravaganza” events for networking, training and more.
You will also have access to Internet support tools that are available 24 hours a day, as well as business-building tools and services like the Herbalife Broadcast Network (HBN™), programming that’s available on the Internet 365 days a year.
Success Training Seminars
Working together for success!
It's well known that when people work together they achieve more than when they work alone. Whilst traditional businesses organise breakfast and lunch meetings, Herbalife goes a step further. As a Distributor you will be fortunate enough to have access to meetings that offer in-depth training as well as a network-support system. The most common and most regular of these meetings are the Success Training Seminars (STS's).
What is an STS?
A monthly 1 or 2 day Herbalife training seminar that takes place over a weekend at various venues around the country.
This will be your opportunity to get together with your peers and exchange vital business ideas.
You will hear leading Herbalife Distributors share their tips for success, as well as product and lifestyle testimonials from people at all stages in their business.
What will you learn?
The opportunities are virtually limitless. You can learn about:
  • the Herbalife Business
  • the Herbalife Products
  • the Herbalife Marketing Plan
  • the Wellness Market
  • building a Customer Base
  • building a Team
  • how to improve your business...
Monthly Success Training Seminars are available in various parts of the country.
to view a list of the current month's training dates and venues.
Your Sponsor will help you register for your first STS.
Note: This image shows a Herbalife European Extravaganza Training Event. These large events are held once a year in arenas capable of seating up to 20,000 Distributors attending from the numerous countries within the EU. Other international Extravaganzas are held around the globe simultaneously. (Click image to enlarge).
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