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Product Success Stories
This business is all about the products. Let's look at some essential information about the weight loss programme and the amazing success stories from some typical Herbalife customers.
Click here to download The Weight Loss Programme Basics to understand how this works and how simple it is to follow.
Herbalife customers lose weight the right way and keep it off, for good!
However, weight management isn't just about losing, gaining or maintaining weight. It is also about improving your self-esteem, being who you want to be, in control of your life.
ShapeWorks®, the personalised weight management programme from Herbalife, has been designed with your lifestyle and needs in mind.
Their formulations are based on scientific research, and ShapeWorks®, combined with water and exercise, can offer you the formula to successful, sensible weight management.
As a Personal Wellness Coach, you will play a key role in helping people to achieve their weight management and nutritional goals. You will determine which personalised Meal Plan, with the correct amount of protein, they should follow to help get them in shape and then stay that way. All calculations will be done for them and they will be presented with the solution they've been looking for. The last weight loss method they will ever need to use.
Taking the next step to the rest of their life, they will feel good about themselves inside and out!
Click here to read Lesley's amazing story. Lesley is now a Personal Wellness Coach, building a successful business with Herbalife.
Lesley without Herbalife
Lesley with Herbalife
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It's not just about weight loss with Herbalife. It's about leading a healthy, active lifestyle with the support of correct, intelligent nutrition.
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