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How to Become a Herbalife Distributor
Step 1: Register
Your first step is to register onto Herbalife's International Database and obtain your own unique Herbalife ID No. This allows Herbalife to track your income from whichever source it's generated, as these can be numerous, so they can pay you on the 15th of each month when you've earned wholesale profits and royalties in addition to your retail profits.
Registration incurs an administration fee, which is covered by the purchase of an IBP (International Business Pack). Register online and your IBP will be shipped to you.
Step 2: Use the products
Start by using the products provided in your IBP. Get a personal health result. This alone can attract customers.
Step 3: Start learning
Begin by reading through the International Business Opportunity Manual. Attend your first monthly training seminar. Your sponsor will help identify a venue/date and reserve your ticket.
Step 4: Make a Plan
Decide how much you want to earn. Your sponsor will show you effective methods to promote the products and the business opportunity, to help you build a customer base and a team. 
What is an IBP?
The cost of an IBP is £92, which covers the registration fee and includes sign-for delivery to your home or work address in 2-3 days.
  • Contents come in a stylish Herbalife-branded tote bag!
  • Contains the Herbalife® core nutrition products: Formula 1 balanced nutrition, Formula 2 multivitamins/minerals and the new Fiber & Herb product. Also included is the Herbalife Thermojetics® Instant Herbal Beverage! These are FREE with a £79.30 total retail value. These are for you to use.
  • The brand new Personal Nutrition Solutions DVD is included! A fantastic and interactive way to learn about Herbalife products.
  • Also features the new core products literature! Compelling literature to inform you on the Herbalife® core products and how they can support a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Plus your Business Manual and Business Introduction DVD. (Monthly training is available at various venues around the UK).
  • Once registered, this qualifies you for a minimum 25% discount on all product purchases, allows you to trade as a registered Herbalife Independent Distributor and earn an income from day one.
Call your sponsor as soon as you receive your IBP. They will answer any questions you have and help you to get started with your products and your new business.
You can register and order your IBP online. Go to your Sponsor's personal website and follow the instructions. If you accessed this website without a referral from a Sponsor or their website, go to the I Need a Sponsor page.
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