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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is a Sponsor?
A. Your Sponsor is the person who introduced you to the Herbalife opportunity. They can help you get your business off to a great start. Benefits of a Herbalife sponsor include:
  • Assistance with setting achievable goals
  • Ongoing support to reach your goals
  • Experienced knowledge of successful sales and marketing tools
  • Useful tips and insights about the products
Q. Can I work wherever and whenever I want?
A. Working with Herbalife there are no area limits. You actually have over 70 countries to build your business in. This truly is an International Business Opportunity. You decide what hours you work and how much time you spend on your business.
Q. Is it a franchise?
A. No. You will be an independent business owner, trading as an Independent Herbalife Distributor for an investment of only £92. This is the International Database Registration Fee.
Q. Do I have to meet set goals and targets?
A. Only those you set for yourself. You can build a small or a large business. Or somewhere in between. You choose.
Q. Do I have to stock products at home?
A. You will be in a retail business. Having some products at home will allow your customers to get started straight away. You can also have products shipped directly to your customer from the Herbalife warehouse. Various volume purchase discounts are available.
Q. Will I get support to help start my business?
A. There are top class training seminars around the country for you to attend and learn about every aspect of the Herbalife business. Online comprehensive training is also available via the Herbalife Broadcast Network. In addition to all of this support, you will have access to your sponsor, who will support you until you truly become an Independent Herbalife Distributor.
Q. Where and when are the training seminars held?
A. These are held in various venues around the country, on a Saturday or Sunday. Your sponsor will identify these and help book you in whenever you want to attend your first seminar.
Q. Why do I have to pay to attend training seminars?
A. Regular training seminars are arranged by other Herbalife Distributors to help you build your business and earn a profit. You work with, not for Herbalife. Seminar fees contribute to the room hire etc. The information is free!
Q. Are there marketing materials available to help me promote my business?
A. You will have access to a wide variety of prepared professional business building tools and materials.
Q. What's stopping me from getting started now?
A. Only you can answer this question.
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