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Collecting Customers
Remember the basic objectives of the Herbalife business:
  1. Helping people to look good.
  2. Helping people to feel great.
  3. Helping people to earn more.
Building a customer base takes care of the first two objectives, while building a team covers the third objective.
The primary reason why we get started with our Herbalife business is to earn a profit from an additional income stream. Our reason(s) for wanting to do this will be personal to us. However, as with any business, nobody will know that we exist or that we have products and a service to offer until we go out there and tell them!
Income example
Individual Herbalife Distributors have their own income level needs, but let’s look at earning a £500 per month profit from a part-time Herbalife business.
Let's look at where £500+ every month comes from:
Your basic weight loss programme at full retail price, per month is £129.75which equates to less than £2 per meal. Refer to The Weight Loss Programme Basics.
Once registered, you can purchase products wholesale at 25% discount, so this programme will only cost you £101.60
Profit per month from selling one programme = £129.75 - £101.60 = £28.15
Find and keep just 20 people who want you to help them to lose weight and improve their health and you will earn a minimum monthly profit of £563.00
This is a minimum because on the way to collecting your 20 customers, you will have qualified for greater discount levels. Maximum discount level is 50%, so at this level you'll obviously double the above retail profit figures.
As an example, you could find (say) 10 customers yourself and each one gives you a referral, totalling 20.
We will help you to find your customers.
If you want to build your own team, you can earn a royalty income and production bonuses too. There is no limit to what you can earn with Herbalife.
So how do we find customers? There are many methods available to attract people into our ‘shops'. Not everyone who steps in will buy. We’re just interested in the ones who are serious about improving their health, the way they look and the way they feel. With half of the UK population overweight we don’t have problems finding our first 25 customers! Unless we fail to market ourselves and our business.
Attracting customers
Company Wellness Group offers the following selection of methods to build a healthy customer base. This is merely a summary but once you become a Distributor you will have access to the details and the tools available to allow you to follow this plan.
  • PWC Website: Have your own Personal Wellness Coach website which will capture essential details about your prospective customers via a targetted personal questionnaire. Your website will also provide them with information to help them understand the importance of healthy, balanced nutrition. All completed questionnaires are automatically sent to your mailbox connected with your personal website. A complete data capture and communications package. Use the methods below to drive traffic to your website.
  • Postcard Flyers: We let our local and surrounding communities know who to come to for the best weight management & wellness solution by distributing our Postcard Flyers. Full colour print on both sides on 300g gloss card. Size: 148mm x 105mm (A6).
  • Business Card Flyers: The same as Postcard Flyers, but smaller. We always have some with us to hand out during a conversation or a 'badge hit' or to distribute. Full colour print on one side on 215g matt card. Size: 78mm x 49mm.
  • Car Rear Window Decal: Signage for any vehicle rear window. Printed silver grey text on durable vinyl which has a fully transparent background. An eye-catching advert which goes wherever we go. Size: 490mm x 321mm.
  • COI Pack: To create interest among Circle Of Influence, distributors are using the COI Pack. This is sent to a minimum of 50 people after sitting down and making a list of names of people they know and their contact details. The COI Pack simply consists of a casual letter which lets them know what they're doing and provides the opportunity for them to help. Included are 10 x Postcard Flyers for their COI to put on work notice boards and hand out to those they know are looking for a solution. This method attracts new customers as well as new distributors for them.
  • Google AdWords Advertising: With Google AdWords, you can create and run ads for your business, quickly and simply. Run your ads on Google and their advertising network - no matter what your budget, you'll only pay when people click your ads. AdWords ads are displayed along with search results when someone searches Google using one of your keywords. Ads appear under 'Sponsored links' in the side column of a search page, and may also appear in additional positions above the free search results. That way, you'll be advertising to an audience that's already interested in your business.
  • Weight Loss Challenge: The Weight Loss Challenge is a 12 week programme where Herbalife Independent Distributor coaches help a group of participants work towards their weight-loss goals and improve their overall wellness, as part of a fun challenge. Participants pay a nominal fee to enter the Challenge and ‘Weight Loss Payouts’ are paid from this fund to the top 3 participants who have lost the greatest percentage of his/her weight by the end of the Challenge. The Weight Loss Challenge is making winners out of everyone. From the participants who are losing weight to the Distributors who are building their business like never before, a Weight Loss Challenge is a great way for people to discover the nutritional benefits of the Herbalife® products. Each person who has experienced the power of the Weight Loss Challenge spreads the word to others, creating incredible momentum.
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